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We love kit, and could talk about it all day; but just to keep things to the point, we've picked out a few of our favourites below:

Terranova Windy Balaclava

  • Flat seams to avoid rubbing
  • Fleece panel for improved respiration
  • Wired peak

During exercise up to 50% of body heat is lost through the head. In extreme temperatures and windy conditions, balaclavas will be essential to protect from frostbite and cold injuries to our face.

Scarpa Matrix Thermo

  • Three position lean forward mechanism
  • Roomy fit
  • Custom mouldable thermo liner

The pride of Scarpa’s range, the Thermo gives us the flexibility and strength we need to ski all day under kite power, and when combined with the thermal pack will keep our feet warm down to -100C.

McMurdo Fastfind PLB

  • Signal received by the rescue services within 90 minutes.
  • Provides a homing signal for Search And Rescue

As a last resort the PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) produces an emergency signal to alert Search and Rescue to the team's location and calls in help.

Hilleberg Keron 4GT

Our tent with be our home for over 2 months and the Hilleberg Keron, sleeping 4 comfortably, and weighing just 5.2kg provides the perfect balance of space, weight and simplicity of construction.

Solar Blazt SURVIVOR 10

  • Truly rollable
  • UV stabilized
  • Weighs only 450grams

The world's most flexible and waterproof Solar Panel series, SURVIVOR 10 is the perfect tough, lightweight panel for our tent roof or pulks to charge our electronic equipment such as the Sat phone and GPS (not to mention iPods!).

Icecap 200 Pulk

The icecap 200 is designed for long self-sufficient journeys such as the South Pole or the crossing of Antarctica. At 2m long and 10.5kg, it is big enough for all our kit and robust enough for the harsh conditions and ground.

Iridium 9505a

  • A truly global solution
  • SMS and voice capabilities
  • A prerequisite of all expeditions

As the only true global satellite network, Iridium is the only choice for Antarctica. When combined with a PDA the team will be able to transmit pictures and dispatches from Antarctica to supporters at home.

Extremities Sticky Gloves

  • Polartec Powerstretch
  • Roll tip fingers
  • Silicon print grip on palm and fingers

Our hands will be exposed to the elements all day long, so having durable and windproof gloves which still give us the dexterity to handle the kites efficiently is essential.

Barrier™ Thermal Layering System

  • ThermoFeet insole
  • ThermoFeet toewrap
  • Bootglove outer layer

Through a combination of insulating our feet from the ground and reducing exposure to the elements, the layer system will help to keep our feet warm down to -100C.