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It's all about success...

In the current economic climate, successes are fewer and further between, and more closely watched than ever. Completing the longest trans Antarctic expedition ever and becoming the first team to successfully reach the Pole of Inaccessibility and the South Pole will, with a little intelligent marketing, be very much in the public eye.

The gain in backing us goes much further than just positive association. Success in both relies on in depth planning, detailed risk management, good team dynamics and highly motivated individuals; but above all it requires a clear vision carried through to completion.

Showing your customers how important realising that clear vision is to you, is the principal message that we will put across together.

There are many benefits to being associated with our expedition, in brief these include;

  • Media exposure in established markets
  • Brand growth through association with a ground breaking event
  • Publicity events
  • Penetrating new media outlets to reach new markets
  • Team building opportunities for your team
  • Motivational speaking opportunities
  • Product placement and testing

Please contact us to discuss opportunities for your brand at the South Pole. We look forward to teaming up with you!

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